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also *8 million* in a single goddamned system, whew

So I just checked to see how much 7 days of remote backups of my instance's Postgres database cost me last month. The answer? Less than 4 cents. 😍

I haven't had a whole lot of time to hang around the fediverse lately (other than ensuring this instance and @sotd both keep from imploding), but hopefully I'll have some cool stuff coming up. (And some games to give away)

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I just bought two rack-mount servers. Why? No idea.

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32 years of no ads, no banners, no session cookies, no persistent log files, user directed features and software. did you join arpa in 1994? happy 25th! lets celebrate on 16-Jun-2019 for platform and what can we do next?

Super happy and proud to see EFFECT from Dallas Fuel come out as bi. Seeing more representation like that always warms my heart. :overwatch: ❤️

Here's the "Everything Great About" video I mentioned. Now on to "The Golden Circle"!

Oh man, going back and watching Kingsman: The Secret Service after watching Cinemawins' "Everything Great About" video gave me a whole new appreciation and perspective for it. Some of the shots are incredibly well done.

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i n
y o u r
s p a r e
t i m e
y o u
a r e
y o u r
o w n
l a z y
e m p l o y e e
o f
y o u r
u n p r o f i t a b l e
v i d e o g a m e
s t u d i o

I just started watching Critical Role again (from the very first series). It's so good. And soon™, I'll be able to geek out with my friend over where he's at.

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Cleaning up a customer's PC, I made the mistake of leaving a tab open on Yahoo's home page. Only 1 minute later: malvertized. Sunuva...

I did it again to pin down the cause, & indeed it's Yahoo's ads breaking out, taking over the page, & loading scary messages that make it difficult to leave.

I can't stress enough, folks, that an ad blocker is Internet SECURITY software.

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