desperately tried to have a level 1 character in Pathfinder beat two hobgoblin. It's practically impossible if you don't have insane luck.

Checked the monster creation table, the Numbers for CR mostly move within 1-4, with 2 being the most common number.

Who looked at this and though CR 1/2 was perfectly fine? Maybe when you put 1 against a group of four dynamics will make short work of him. but oof.

Regarding the hobgoblin as a PC, it's basically a level 1 fighter with slighlty cheap gear.

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:heart_pan: happy pansexual pride day to everybody who uses that label :heart_pan:

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Oh, Last thing towards Lone Wolf feats: They also need to be worded in a way, that being able to use them within restricted circumstances makes sense to the players.

Last remark: I need these Lone Wolf Feats not to make Characters stronger in Group play, that's just buffing the PCs in the worst case, making even more improvements on the Monsters/Solo NPCs action economy necessary.

I also liek the idea of enabling some solo play. Maybe someone goes a mixture of Lone Wolf Feats and normal feats, creating a Character that can pull it's weight within the group but can also effectively act on their own.
Getting loot and levels for themselves.
Thread end.

That's why I'm going to introduce them into the Trait system (also frees up feats since they're not easy to come by for many classes).

The weaker Lone Wolf Feats are going to replace one trait, while the stronger use up two trait slots.
Since 2 Traits should roughly equal one feat, we can also trade feats against traits or Lone Wolf Feats.

Gonna need to test it even more. But it could be fun.


My first attempt, that I tested now was designing Lone Wolf Feats. They are supposed to increse action economy while the user is alone and outnumbered.
The one tested was the ability to cast Cantrips as a swift action.
Had 1 Cleric versis 3 Goblins (405 XP 50% chance to win) and one, thanks to the 5 temporary HP I got from repeated Casting of Virtuel. Also the Gobbos had more good and less bad luck. So I believe it sort of worked out.

felt a bit too weak to replace feat though.

So, Action economy is one of the most important factors in Pen&Paper Games, strongly amplyfied by the turn based structure. Because of that Matthew Colville proposed a new Action based encounter design for Monsters and NPCs fighting a group of heros.

I want to take that and make it more universally applicable. Because I play pathfinder and love having rules for everything. And even moreso I like the kind of (but not always) symmetric design with everything following the same rules.

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10 years later I've finally reached a conclusion

All Time Low's genre is and I present

Party Emo

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When you outgrow an oversimplified understanding, leave it under your pillow. You might get visited by the truth fairy.

Using DoTs usually is good for conserving resources, as long as they're fast enough to accomplish something. So max. 5 rounds.
Anything slower is prolonging the encounter and risking death or wasting much of the resource.

Hit and run might be a worthwhile deployment.

That'd be interesting. Riding robbing mage that Casts "DoT" and flees only tonreturn later to loot or repeat.

Okay, extend Spell in Combination with DoTs is great!

Wait, forcing the usage of a spell sounds terrible. Lemme rephrase:
Giving hostile enemies extended Damage over Time spells, thus making them deal high amounts of damage while giving time to react, is a great way to increase the viability of dispelling magic.

Although extended DoTs may seem unrealistic to the keen observer, since relying on them lowers the users chance of survival.

But that's a general problem, you want to go nova as much as possible, limited by beed to conserve resources.

Thinking about Damage/Heal over Time spells for Pathfinder 1e and realising it's a bit difficult to manage the viability.

Wait, it isn't even rhat difficult. I just want to see the ecploitabiluty of extend spell, doubling spell duration and by that damage/heal for +1 Spell level opposed to +50% vor +2 spell levels with empower spell.

Bit that would be some kind of asinine anyway. So the game's surprisingly robust.

DoT + extend spell on NPC would be great to force dispel magic though.

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racism mention Show more

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"Great-grandpaw once ate a wizard y'know," the cat mumbled.
She was a big orange tabby, and she wore custom fitted Doc Martens on her back paws.
Nursed between her front paws was a saucer of whiskey.

"He was a rat at the time y'see," she continued hazily, "Grampaw sure knew how to play at someone's ego, y'know? Such different times, back then."

"A decade wasn't THAT long, ago" the bartender countered.

"It is in cat years!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #UrbanFantasy

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I finally updated my tee/merch shop with the moon moth and sun butterfly designs!
Also there's a sale going on, and free shipping under conditions with code HOLIDAYSHIP195c175b

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It has been established in canon that starfleet's Starship Discovery is capable of traveling to different dimensions of sorts, so basically it's perfectly reasonable to drop a star trek away team encounter into your DnD campaign.

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