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@mint I have no idea who Xehanort or Vanitas are but this is just fucking weird and funny.

Like Vanitas just lives near an old battlefield and sometimes some anime teenager harasses him with a big key.

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It's a weird feeling, leaving sonething because it's about to shut down and then see it nit being shut down.

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So I was trying to find out when people first started using scales in kitchens to weigh ingredients, because I have a feeling that it may be relatively recent. All the cookbooks I've seen which are older than a few centuries don't seem to give measurements.

I did not find an answer yet. But I did find that the oldest known balance scales were found by archaeologists in the Indus Valley civilisation, dating back around 4400 years!

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Hey y'all. I was at work earlier so I made a quick post, but I'd like to take time to write a proper one.

An unhoused trans Black woman I have known for years here in Alabama is in desparate need of help. She is housed for tonight, but where she's staying costs $50 per night. Her CashApp is $inge73 and if you could help out, it would be so appreciated!


#TransCrowdFund #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #OtherHastags #MastoDev

So I did a small stream tonight and apparently I encountered my first troll >.<

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Hello, humans!

I’m Morgan, from!
You may know me from “The Time Everyone Made Fun Of Racists” or “That Other Time Everyone Made Fun Of Racists.”

I do art sometimes and that’s why I’m here.

I like spending time with computer programs for a special computer that comes from a corporation that has people working for it called “Nintendo.”

Specifically a “bad” computer program called “Fire Emblem” is one of my favorites.

socialist cis white asexual

Here’s some of my art:

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Things we didn't do:
- Start the fire
- Shoot the deputy
- Steal the cookies from the cookie jar

Things we did:
- Tried to fight it
- Shot the sheriff
- Put the sham in the shama-lama-ding-dong

Things we will do:
- Survive
- Rock you
- Walk 500 miles
- Walk 500 more

Things we won't do:
- Get fooled again
- Back down
- That

Things we will never do:
- Give you up
- Let you down
- Run around
- Desert you

- I did it again)

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philosophy speedrunning revolutionized with the discovery of the "skip of theseus"

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well, we're in the final stretch of the four 13 year periods that make up an aztec century (52 years). in 2027, the new century begins.

its worth noting in the worst way that the present year is Chicyei Tecpatl (or 8 Flint). while a tecpatl is an obsidian ceremonail dagger used for sacrifice, its also the impliment of the chaos god Tezcatlipica, and notoriously Tecpatl years are marked with war, plague, and strife and uh.. oh BOY did 2020 not disappoint lmao

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Father's day post for ppl with dad trauma Show more

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2020, tarot, dark humor Show more

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I wrote a book!

💀 👻 📚 ✨ 🖤

If you love D&D and traditional fantasy with a twist, you might well enjoy BOOKS & BONE!

-scholars and libraries!
-black magic!
-zombie friends!
-evil necromancers but ... friendly?
-ace romance!

Follow Ree, necromancer town archivist, as she attempts to keep her family and neighbours from killing a foppish, arrogant, and amiable historian from the world beyond the crypt.

Sample and buy links:

(I'm an indie author and I'd really appreciate your support!)

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She saw on TV that ghosts made things cold, and she’d always had chilly feet at night.

So she found a stone with a hole through the middle and she waited under the covers until the chill made her toes curl.

Gently, she sat up, closing one eye and holding the stone up to the other.

Shimmering and thin as a beam of moonlight, the cat stretched and resettled on her feet.

She smiled and went back to bed, careful not to kick.

She’d always wanted a cat.

#microfiction #TootFic

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‘It’s just a pigeon,’ said the girl. ‘Let it die.’

The boy lifted it with gentle hands. It was too weak to struggle. He could feel its heartbeat against his fingertips. ‘It just needs help, that’s all.’

He nursed it day and night. Warmed it by a lamp, cleaned its wounds. Fed it from his hand. Every day it grew stronger. And larger.

After a week, it was the size of a cat. A month, a dog. It gazed at him with adoring eyes. And one day, it would carry him into the sky.

#microfiction #TootFic

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The kittens were round, energetic, still terrible at everything - utterly failing to wrestle each other. One kitten squeaked, having managed to upend itself momentarily.

The mother cat watched from a restful distance, grooming. The demon beside her was most concerned.

"My lady, should I intervene?"

"Let them play," she purred.

"This is playing?"


"Can I play too?"

She nodded.

A puffy red kitten rolled into the basket.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

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