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Eigentlich auch bekloppt, dass die Bahn von Verspätung und nicht von Verzug spricht.

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Thought about why violence is "exciting" in the context of games and stories:
Because it's the highest escalation, preventing the other from pursuing their goal in any shape or form.
It's also the most primal.

A common theme if art is buildup and payoff.
During my first exposure to it, i usually focus on the elements of payoff.
With subsequent exposures I start to cherish the buildup more and more.

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Pro-tip for Firefox users: open a new tab, now prefix whatever you type in the address bar with "%" to search your open tabs and switch to one.

just tanked whailing caverns in Classic WoW ar Arms warrior with a DD 4 levels higher than me in the group.
It's exhausting >.<

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microblogging platform for introverts where nobody talks, there's just buttons for status updates like "I'm still here" and reactions like "I'm glad"

going for that "just existing in the same room together" energy

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The Wulver is a wearwolf like creature from Scotland. It was said to have the body of a man and the head of a wolf.
Unlike werewolves it was reportedly quite a caring creature and would leave fresh fish on the window ledge of poor people to ensure they had enough to eat.

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Some year ago I saw a site where you could insert the measurements of your body parts (forearms, thighs, etc) and it calculated the proportions of the bike for you

proportions different from the ones indicated could give you problems such as forearms tingling and more

forearms tingling is exactly what i experience on my bike

how do I find that site again

also, is that knowledge contained in that site only ?

Can I get there without that site ?


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I'll soon have a "job interview" today. with one of those contract staffing companies.
So not really an actual inteview but some mindnumbing paper signing with a little bit of talking.

I am 100% unmotivated to go there. ugh.

Well, I'm not going toi be impolite to strangers with no reason, but ugh.

I mean, If I ever were to have enough passive income to lead some form of self reliant lifestyle, I'd probably go full hikikomori and happily turn into actual dust.
Or maybe I'd be content and try to be more outgoing and attempt to see the good other people see in the places touched by sunlight.

I don't know.

I don't dislike wasting away my days. I just need not to feel anxious about it.

The beauty of the Index/Railgun/Accellerator franchise is that, if handled right, can spawn spinoffs indefinitely.

I nother words: since I've seen A certain scientific Accellerator, I want an Esther Rosenthal spinoff.

And I would also like to watch a spinoff entirely focused on Anti Skill.

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here is a geometric explanation of FOIL as given by the islamic scholars of algebra in the middle ages. unlike memorizing some stupid rule of pure symbol manipulation, it actually makes sense

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ok so, if ever you place a houseplant ANYWHERE in your dnd world, be aware that it could at any moment become a major NPC due to the existence of the Speak With Plants spell

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Yesterday I learned that the Germanic tribe of the Suebes invented the man bun.

CN photos of bog bodies:

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